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Avidar Group

(Founded in 1987)

Avidar Group reliably and efficiently provides itscustomers with a wide array of services, including security, protection,cleaning and maintenance, delivery and investigations, call center, alarm systemand communications.

The Company serves large and sensitive locations,including government offices, public organizations, municipalities,institutions, highly sensitive facilities and other private entities.

The Company operates a Grade A alarm monitoring center,manned by 24-hour supervisors and night patrols (beyond Company managers).  The Company currently employs thousands ofemployees, earning compensation customary in the Israeli economy.

The Company operates branches nationwide.

security services to a variety of facilities and institutions

Safety and Security Services 
Among our customers:


Our Company secures all of the Egged stations in the north and south of thecountry.

This operationrequires hundreds of security guards and supervisors at each station, mostlyformer members of the Public Transportation Security Unit.

Security Deployment:

North: Nahariya, Acco, Nazareth, Carmiel, Tiberias, Safed, Kiryat Shmona and Afula

Sharon: Herzeliya, Hadera, Pardess Hannah, Netanya, Kfar Saba, Ra'anana

South: Rehovot, Be'er Sheva, Ashdod, Kiryat Gat, Arad, Ashkelon, Dimona, Gdera, Eilat.

Tel Aviv Municipality

Our Companyprovides the Tel Aviv Municipality with approximately 150 securityguards/ushers.  Every security guardholds an individual two-way radio.

The facilities are secured by 2 patrol cars + an officer who patrols andmonitors the area.

Our Company has installed distress buttons in 25 parks in the area, and it providessecurity services at the municipality, engineering administration, waterdivision, children's home, Givat HaShlosha, Beit Ariella (municipal library)and ammunition site - all Tel Aviv Municipality sites and all subject to close monitoring by Company managers.

In addition, our Company provides dozens of security guards/ushers to themany planned and spontaneous events held by the Tel Aviv Municipality.


Ministry of Health

Our Companysecures governmental hospitals throughout the country's central and southernregion. This operation entails hundreds of security guards who undergo trainingdedicated to securing health ministries as well as hundreds of thousands ofmonthly man-hours.

Defense Ministry

Our Company provide round the clock security service for dozens of settlements . This operation entailshundreds of security guards who undergo special training, as well as 24-hourpatrols and supervisors.

Israel Railways

Our Companyprovides Israel Railways with security, protection, screening at all train stations and facilities.

In addition,we have approximately 20 patrol vans, patrolling the railway route 24 hours aday.

The unitconsists of ~450 security personnel who undergo relevant training and drills.

Security requires meticulous and quality management, 24 hours a day.

Israel Electric Corporation

Our Companysecures the IEC facility at the Reading, Tel Aviv and Gezer Power Plants.  This operation requires dozens of securitystation, manned by ~200 security guards and patrol vehicles.

Ministry of Welfare

Our Companysecures multiple Ministry of Welfare facilities in the center, Jerusalem andBe'er Sheva, using ~180 security guards.

In addition,our Company guards the Minister of Welfare, 24 hours a day.

Israel Roads

Our Companyaccompanies Israel Roads supervisors with teams trained to perform suchdedicated tasks.

Dan Regional Association

Our Company secures all of the Dan Regional Association facilities andbuildings.  This customer consists of 15facilities, requiring dozens of armed guards and patrollers who patrol thefacility 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

HaMigdal Building

Our Companyprovides night patrol services + 24-hour parking lot attendants.  This is among the most prestigious buildingsin Tel Aviv.

Ministry of Energy – Geophysical and Oil Research Institute

Our Companysecures the institute in the Holon industrial zone, as well as the headquartersin the Lod industrial zone.  Thisoperation calls for security guards 24 hours a day.

Our Companysecures Institute research teams, calling for security guards + mobile caravansthat we provide and which accompany the teams nationwide.

Our Companysurveys classified sites to the Institute's full satisfaction.

Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center

Our Companyprovides security and ushering services at the Tel Aviv Performing Arts Center,which consists of Cameri Theatre and Israeli Opera halls.

New Cameri Theatre

We provide theNew Cameri with security and ushering services.

Nesher Factory

Our Companyprovides 24-hour security, protection and patrol services at the largest cementmanufacturing plant in the Middle East. It also secures the local power plant on site.  This operation requires dozens of securityguards, 24 hours a day.

Israel Natural Gas Lines

Our Companymanages the security call center for Israel National Gas Lines.  The call center is manned by severaloperators per shift, as well as a call center manager, 24 hours a day.

Tel Aviv University

Our Companysecures all Tel Aviv University facilities and office buildings.

This operationcalls for dozens of armed guards and security patrollers who patrol thefacilities 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Mikveh Israel

Our Companyprovides the Mikveh Israel Youth Village with several guards performingsecurity services.

Israel Police

Our Companysecures Beit HaShoter in Tel Aviv, 24 hours a day.

Shopping Malls

Our Companyprovides security, protection, patrol and ushering services at the KenyoterMall in Ness Ziona, Honim Konim in Rishon LeZion and Hutzot HaMifratz in Haifa.The operation includes security managers, shift managers, security guards, screeningguards, call center operators and ushers approved by the Israel Police andoperating sophisticated patrol and security systems.

And many more…


Event Security

Our Companyimplements a mechanism for recruiting and training employees, enabling therecruitment of security guards/sport ushers/attendants to serve, inter alia, atevents, concerts and athletic events nationwide.

For eventsecurity, we employ over 400 trained sports ushers and hundreds of skilledsecurity guards at all levels.

Our Company isequipped with all of the measures required in order to conduct the event,including patrol cars, diverse clothing (suited to the event), two-way radios,Mirs devices, magnometers, numerators and more.

Our Company operates a 24-hour call center, connecting security guards at different stations around the country.  This callcenter is also available for all customers and producers.

Our managers hold extensive background and experience with managing events and they areapp ropriately trained for the purpose as they fully cooperate and comply with Israel Police requirements.

Dear Customer! Remember:

It is only when you turn to a strong, reliable and veteran like Avidar that you canguarantee the best service, 24 hours a day.

We look forward to seeing you among our satisfied customers.


Yehiel Shlomo