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Avidar Group's project management and placement department provides consultation, personnel and executive management services to a range of companies. Their large personnel pool includes skilled workers and professionals in all fields of employment.

Avidar Group locates and recruits quality personnel quickly to meet criteria defined by the client. The project management department is able to provide substitute workers who give an immediate answer to customer needs.

The group recruits personnel for the different administrative fields anywhere in the country. Avidar supplies permanent as well as temporary personnel, for placement or as contractors.

Avidar Group's project management and placement department administers employment classification, credibility and suitability tests through the leading analysis institutes. In addition, they are able to provide large scale personnel placement for varied positions, according to customer requirement.

As part of services rendered, the department provides instruction and training courses to employees of professional training companies, so that they are able to give complete customer satisfaction.

Avidar Group holds the highest standards of service given to employers, those seeking jobs and employees. Avidar takes into deep consideration the needs of the client and the suitability of each candidate. Each client has a steady contact person, who is obligated to the attendance of employees and their suitability. Job candidates are tested, classified and given instruction prior to any job interview, as well as receiving guidance by Avidar representatives to ensure easy assimilation in their new job.
project management and placement
Personnel & Placement
Among the department's clients:
Israel National Roads Company: A system of road traffic controllers who are in charge of traffic safety inspection at work sites on the country's roads. The system consists of field inspectors, team leaders and coordinators, as well as a 24 hour nationwide operations center.

Israel National Gas Lines Company: Operating and manning the company's control center 24 hours a day. The group locates and solves security problems at company installations in real time with a team of controllers responsible for the electronic control system of the security and operations systems.

Tel Aviv Municipality – Municipal Inspection Division: Classification and placement services for Tel Aviv Municipality's Inspection Division, which includes classification, testing and placement in patrol and enforcement positions of the Division. Avidar Group also supplies drivers for the Division's fleet of vehicles. These drivers work 24 hours a day, together with the municipal inspectors. The organization has a back-up of reserve drivers, as well as a 24 hour call center.

Administration: Among Avidar Group's steady clients in the field of administration are facilities and organizations such as: Tel Aviv Municipality's various departments, Histadrut General Federation of Labor, The Performing Arts Center. Avidar's clients enjoy the benefit of professional, skilled personnel that include secretaries, typists, etc.