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Avidar Call Center
Grade A Alarm Monitoring Center
AvidarGroup's Call center, a Grade A alarm monitoring center accredited by the IsraelPolice, is among the most advanced in Israel, serving many clients of thebusiness, institutional and private sector.
Thecall center operates a control unit manned 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, aswell as patrol cars providing a first responder force when faced with anunusual event that requires intervention.
Callcenter employees – operators and patrollers – undergo Israel Police testing andcertification. All call center employees have completed theirmilitary service and the patrollers have served in combat units.
Thepatrollers use innovative patrol cars, equipped with radios providing nationalcoverage, satellite detection equipment and other dedicated accessories basedon customer demands and required operational needs.
Thecall center provides Grade A services, including:
  • Call center, patrol and operationalcontrol for alarm systems.
  • Call center services for Standard 1337compliant gunroom systems.
  • “Seeing Call Center” services – Realtime viewing and recording.
  • Distress services for the elderly,private and business customers.
Security control buttons, including automated reports.

Avidar Group
The call center employs a skilled technical team of engineers, technicians andauthorized installers who provide system support, 24 hours a day.
Thetechnical team specializes in various security solutions, providing advancedsecurity system installation and training services, including large-scalesystems for the institutional and business industry as well as standard systemsfor private customers.
Professionalsecurity consultants, highly trained and experienced in the field, market andcustomize the systems according to customer needs.
Securitysystems include:
  • Advanced wireless and linear alarmsystems (Israel Standard 1337, U.S. UL and EC European standard).
  • Fire and smoke detector installationand service (Israeli Standard 1220).
  • CCTV and video intercom systems, aswell as a wide variety of cameras provided by leading manufacturers. Motorized, outdoor (day/night), indoor,infrared and more…
  • Digital and automated recording,visual and remote surveillance systems from a single PC to several cameras,Standalone DVR digital video for viewing and recording for 2-64 cameras.
  • Standard, computerized and biometricaccess control and intercom systems.
  • Security control systems for securityguards, linear and wireless buttons.
Automatic fire extinguishing systems using FM 200 gas(U.S. UL Standard) for computer rooms and kitchens

Thecall center is operated by a dedicated and skilled team of employees andmanagers, which provides customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Theteam's top priority is customer satisfaction, which it achieves throughreliable and professional service based on customer demands, needs andexpectations.

Callcenter customers include:

BenGurion Airport 2000, Dan Cooperative, Israel Airports Authority, IsraelElectric Corporation, Israel Securities Exchange, Israel Roads, IsraelAerospace Industries, The Jewish Agency, Ma'ariv, Tel Aviv Municipality, HolonMunicipality, Haifa Seaport, Ichilov Medical Center, Ministry of Agriculture,Ministry of National Infrastructures, Tel Aviv University, Kibbutzim Seminar,Jaffa Port, HOT, ACE.

Partiallist of customers benefitting from our services.

                We lookforward to seeing you among our satisfied customers.