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Alarm Monitoring Service Grade A

Avidar Group operates a Grade A alarm monitoring service, which includes a computerized dispatch manned 24 hours a day, patrol units, installation of alarm and detection systems, as well as providing security planning, consultation and instruction, to meet customer requirements.

The service is able to offer efficient, high caliber solutions to break-ins, distress situations, fire detection, etc., giving answer to customer needs and requirements. Among the service's customers can be found both public and private facilities.

The alarm monitoring service is authorized by the Israel Police Force (business licensing) according to paragraph 9.04, as well as ISO 9001:2000 certified in the fields of monitoring and patrol.

computerized dispatch manned 24 hours a day
Professional technicians install the company's various security systems. Among the systems installed and operated by the company are:
  • Home and business alarm systems
  • Security systems for businesses requiring licensing (Standard 1337)
  • Fire detection systems
  • Video and CCTV  and/or internet connected systems
  • Distress buttons
  • Access control systems
  • Intercom systems
  • "Siurit" systems: monitoring patrols at security locations according to pre-arranged schedule
Avidar Group
On this site you can view a number of the security products you can buy through the site. Full details of the range of products are available through a security consultant at telephone: 03-5375626

For details of the security products offered by the company click here.