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Avidar Group was founded in 1987 as a dynamic group to provide a wide range of services among them: security services, alarm monitoring services (Grade A), cleaning and maintenance, project management and implementation, security and medical services on tours, personnel recruitment for varied jobs and positions, building management, mailing services, etc. In every field of operations the company provides services reliably, efficiently and to complete customer satisfaction.

Avidar Group is one of the largest and best in the country (of the five leading companies in the field). All of the company's employees are skilled and professionally trained, thus ensuring the company's ability to provide an answer to any customer request in any field, including service to large, sensitive concerns. Avidar employs thousands of employees who receive full social benefits and carry employer employee/third party insurance and professional liability.
Avidar Group
Why Avidar?
  • Avidar Group operates an alarm monitoring service (Grade A) 24 hours a day.
  • Avidar Group efficiently recruits top quality personnel, chosen meticulously, to answer customer needs.
  • Personnel are recruited by a professional and skilled staff. Candidates are tested for suitability and their license to carry fire-arms is checked prior to hiring and placement in security positions.
  • Avidar Group employees are well-groomed, wear company uniforms, speak Hebrew, and are always alert, polite, dependable and skilled in what they do.
  • Avidar Group sees to the provision of substitute personnel who are able to answer customer needs in cases of the absence of a regular worker.
  • There are no employer/employee relations between customers and Avidar employees.
Remember! Only with an experienced, committed and reliable company like Avidar, can you be assured of the best service – 24 hours a day, every day of the year!
37 Nahal Ayalon, cor. 42 Yitzhak Sadeh Tel Aviv, P.O.B. 57622 Zip Code 61575
Telephone: 03-5375626 Fax: 03-5375641 E-mail: